How to Sell Your Items

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Fill Out the Form to Register

Instructions: Fill out your first name and last name or your store name. This is for you to manage your account. The shop url will be automatically populated for you after you enter your store name and click on the store url field.

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Confirm Your Email Address

After you register you will be sent a confirmation email to your account.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

Information Wizard

When you confirm your email you will be presented with a wizard that will help you set up your marketplace. 


Information Wizard Step 2

Enter your information.  Your address and email will not be displayed to the public.

Information Wizard Step 3

Enter your Paypal account information so that you can get paid!

Your Store is Ready

Your store is ready now so you can start selling your items.

Upload your items and start selling

Go your Store Dashboard tp start uploading your items.  For security reasons, your items may display in Pending status until the BellyBump Administrator approves them for posting. 

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